Sunday, April 20, 2008

Apple iPhone India Launch in September via Vodafone ??

The iPhone’s entry in India has been spoken about since long. And here is yet another - a speculation, a reality or just yet another run-on-the-mill story, you can make your choice!

Apple iPhone

When the Apple iPhone initially rolled out in June last year, many countries, including India, were said to be next in line to receive the official launch of the highly-anticipated next generation phone.

News about the iPhone’s launch in India is now doing the rounds of the internet. The news states that the iPhone will be out by the first week of September exclusively through Vodafone. The 8GB version of the much-awaited and hyped touch-screen phone might roll out in the country for a price ranging between Rs 27,200 and Rs 28,000.

Depending on the response of the 8GB iPhone, 16GB version of the handset would be made available in mid-2009. This news gained momentum due to Apple retail sources, which apparently stated that the iPhone is expected to launch in India through carrier Vodafone sometime in the first week of September 2008, according to a leading business daily.

When we got in touch with Apple Asia, the reply that we got was “Apple does not comment on rumors or speculation.”

Well if the iPhone officially launches in India, the illegal purchasing of the grey market unlocked version will reduce. However, the case might even get opposite as the locked version is expected to sell for 27,000, whereas the unlocked iPhone comes under Rs. 20,000.

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