Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reminsing ....

Not sure if I spelled that word correctly but whatever. I found myself thinking a lot about my childhood today. Friends I made, and in turn friends I lost. Over the years people have moved on and become just a memory. The thing is I still remember those faces, names. I remember vividly toys I played with, and people I hung out with. I even remember something of the politics of the era.I think found myself thinking about the last few years that I've been in school.

Again, I vividly remember people I hung out with, things we did, faces I saw. Granted this is a little more recent than my childhood, but still I vividly remember these things. I remember the good with the bad. As much as I try to shove things down, something happens to bring those painful memories up again and break that wound wide open.I discovered today that life is made up of hellos and goodbyes. Everyday you meet new people, make new friends. Every day you have an impact on everyone you see. Think about that. Just try to wrap your puny little brain around that conept. How many people a day do you some how come into contact with them? Fifty, a hundred? Every one of those people you've impacted in some way. If for only a brief moment. Somtimes it is those brief moments that can have the biggest impact on a life.

I still remember things that were said to me by people I have long since lost contact. I remember in detail things that were said to me a yea and a half ago when I was trying hard to screw my life up. I remember a lot of things people have said to me, for better or worse. The thing is people, our time on this earth is short, very short. We only have a few moments to impact a life to our God. Things we say, do, thinks will have an impact for years to come.

Life isn't just about that, it's also about letting go. We have to learn to let go of those people that we have impacted. Place them in God's hands, they are no longer in our control, nor were they ever. People can be stupid yes, but just because we have a God who is in control of the earth taking care of people doesn't mean we just leave people to their own devices. It is imperative that we get in our family's face when they screw up. No matter how many times they screw up. Do not write off your friends simply because they screwed up. God has them on a program, you can help. You can impact your friends for God by simply getting in their face.

Now I'm not saying it's a good idea to do this to the general public, but sometimes a smile, touch of the hand, a quick prayer, simple things can make all the difference in the world. So as this year comes to a close think about how many people you've come into contact with, and how many negative and postive impacts you've made on the lives of those people.

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