Friday, April 11, 2008

Stop complaining… Here is a way to make new India!”

We see many people complaining about the system in India mostly tracing the roots down to the corruption and inefficiency of the politicians. First of all, we all know very well that we have a very little choice of electing the right people in the local elections (either MPs or MLAs, for the reasons of money, muscle power, etc.). We do not have the chance of directly electing Head of the Government (Chief Minister or Prime Minister). The elected MPs/MLAs will elect the head of the government. The so-called elected head of the government has to please the MLAs/MPs and it is where most of his time and efforts are spent. His direct responsibility to the voters of the state/country is of second priority for him. It has been obvious in many situations that the head of the government is not a choice of majority voters. This system of elections has showed us its dangerous draw backs. For example, if a party has good candidate to serve as a Prime Minister, he can not become the PM unless that party gains the majority in the country/state elections. In practise, the present indirect election of the head of the government has become a dangerous procedure pulling things like money, muscle power, cast based politics, etc. into any kind of elections. In electing the head of the government we observe the regional and cast feelings are raised most of the times.

Here we are talking about one cause of inefficient governance in the country; but there are many more which has completely changed the political culture over the years. Many of us understand some/most of the causes and there are few probably with some solutions. But until recently, it has not been possible for anyone to put them into actions for the reasons of courage and practicality. Though there are many interested people, the like-minds are scattered and lack of knowledge of the methodology prevents them finding out any practical ways of putting their ideas into actions. Here is a way paved for such people… LOKSATTA - the party! Loksatta has realized that the basic problem can only be solved by cleansing the present political culture and that is the change, apart from the economic growth, that India needs at this moment to sustain its position as a stable nation in the emerging world.

From “Self-governance” to “Good Governance”

Once India fought against its foreign rulers for “Self-governance”. It is the time for its people to go for another revolution on its own corrupted political culture to bring “Good-governance”.
Loksatta party, the off-spring of the Loksatta - Peoples’ movement for Good Governance, aims at bringing-in a new culture in the Indian politics. It consists of people who have/have been working as government servants at various capacities and understood the functionality and administration of the state government. Apart from their experience they are overwhelmingly dedicated to see a purer tomorrow, the self-less visions once our great leaders had.

After launching several successful campaigns and programmes to pressurize the present governments to bring-in better governance methods/policies, Loksatta - the non-partisan movement- has come forward to cleanse the system by providing a political party with high values. It is our time to stop complaining, but to come into action to do whatever little we can!


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