Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back Home - Mixed Feelings !!

Anirudh looked out of the little window on his left. He could see only clouds. He shifted restlessly in his seat and reclined back as he closed his eyes.
He was returning home after almost 3 years and was looking forward to meet all his loved ones. He was no homesick person, but the 3 year gap had left him feeling totally disconnected with everyone back home. He thought of his mother and her lip-smacking rasam, the early morning jogging with his dad, the back-slapping moments with his mates, the aimless bike rides, the night-outs at the beach...
He looked out again and saw the familiar blue of the Marina. A smile crossed his face. It was about time. The slim air hostesses prepared the cabin crew for landing. The aircraft dropped a few feet and met heavy turbulence. They circled for a few minutes until the plane got clearance for landing. Those minutes seemed longer than the 3 years. As the flight touched ground and sped along the runway,
Anirudh already had his seat belt off and was urging to grab his backpack and scoot out. He was met with a huge queue for immigration. He kept counting heads and when his turn came, he was too glad to thrust out his passport to the immigration officer. Baggage claiming tested his patience more than anything else. Every third suitcase seemed like his and when he finally spotted his, the rickety conveyor belt seemed to take ages to transport it to him.
He couldn't hold his feet once he had his luggage on the trolley. He searched the sea of faces until his eyes settled on his parents standing amidst the crowd. When he made his way out and reached where they were standing, his father pulled him into a rib cracking hug. And suddenly he felt all the years melting into nothingness. This is where he belonged. He was home at last !

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