Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Your eyes says it all ....

"Every time you look at me, a part of me dies, I know there's something else, I can see it in your eyes."
As for this post, the above lines say it all ! Some people in the world try to hide their inner feelings in their heart, but then, they forget that their eyes talk a lot more than they actually do.
Brown, Green, Hazel, Blue, Amber. Dark or light be it, eyes definitely reflect the true spirit of the inner soul. Lighting up with a sparkle on an affectionate touch, wrinkling at the corners with grace, coyly winking at a cute face, glaring with hatred, pelting a cold stare, brimming with tears or just blinking away every day! The first of each emotion churning out of you is first seen in the eyes. You could have a control on your tongue, but you can never stop an eye from talking. If you have a dream in your heart, it most certainly shows in your eyes. Why? Even the most complex of all emotions - Love is associated with the eyes - "Love at first sight"! We've never heard of a love at first smell !!
In an eye, you the see the beauty of a simple person, the majesty, the sophistication, the ruthlessness and the power !
As Ludlum casts in his Ambler Warning where Hal Ambler judges everyone with their reflex emotions especially eyes.... Gives you a rough idea as to how much a man can know from your eyes... There are ppl who talk to your eyes... They keep a constant vigil on your eye as they talk to you. Simply studying your from your eyes. One such a human is my boss... For i know he knows everything thatz in our mind as he reads (as if its all there out open). And as he fixes his eyes on you he'll be getting all the informations he wants as if connecting to a network. I can see him probing my eyes as he talks (or atleast thatz what i think).
I had seem lot of people doing these.. As if mesmerizing you as they talk to you... But equally difficult for them is to hide that they are actually reading you. Atleast thatz all i read from them. For im not good at the same all i know when i meet such a person is that hez reading my mind loud and clear.
Well enough rambling... i'll finish this with the crux of this post
No matter how many words you have or hide, Your eyes says it all !

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