Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My days with the angels - Moments to savour

Blessed are the souls who hop around the toddlers... Kids are the amazing creatures to be with. I had always envied their carefree life, without any worries or disputes. Thatpampered living void of any conspiracies, hassles, egos, hatred or tensions.

I live in an apartment complex that houses a half a dozen kids, majority of them who are so tall that, the top of their heads reach my knees. So, when the clock strikes 6, all of them rush out and well, its invited chaos.

Of late, I've been too moved with their cute simle and the way they play games. It remindsme the times i've been in one of my relatives house with around 7-8 kids during the summer holidays. During which im the one who is supposed to cook up new games for them daily and take them for go-round spins or at times a ride on my bike.

Running n catching, Hide n Seek, Red Letter, Spell the word, Tricycle Races and so many other activities. Those were the days even now i long for...

It happened to be a daily routine for me to think of new games everyday. My evenings thosetimes were spent with these lovely souls, who made me feel so young (not that I'm 60 already), happy and it seemed as if my life has been fulfilled. Their way of talking, their hoppity hoppity hop walks, their cycles, their squeeking shoes, their toys, shrieks, their grubby knees and muddy hands, their broken teeth issues and so much more. One really has to be around to capture the moment. Words fail always to describe beautiful things in the world !

I still savour those happiest moments of my life.. for thatz where i regain my strength from.Now that i've put a facade around myself as if hardened inside i still am that old soul longingfor these moments with the most gifted creatures on the world...

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