Tuesday, June 03, 2008

So much to do, and so less time ....

Of late i've been postponing lot of things including blogging, and continuing my hobby(robots). I've tried to start myself every now and then to get back to what i was back thenbut often failed to catch up my lost dreams....

Here in my blog after series of poems,fiction, Technology, economy and news, im sure you ppl must've felt a bit boring. I too have started feeling that I'm losing that personal touch with my blog. Of course im thinking of introducing the stories wchichwill be interjected at regular intervals. I've seem to have lost continuity with the string of events happening around me. My working life can't get any boring ! The 5 and half working days of the week seem to pass at the slowest pace ever possible. I never seem to be catching up on my sleep and the rate at which my activities after-office-hours are increasing, I'd probably be an insomniac at the end of this year!

I've wanted to involve myself in so many activities that interest me, but other activitiestake the major share of my time and leave me void of any time to spend in activities of mychoice.

I wish my hibernation gets over soon, I have a lot of things planned for all these years... Trepidation grabs me eventually.. too fast so I'll just have to patiently hang in here and keep a cool head as much like Dhoni..

However the countdown begins. Finally !

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