Monday, July 21, 2008

Teach India: Share what you've learnt

'Teach India' Campaign, a TOI initiative
The Times of India brings you a chance to give back what you've learnt; calling upon educated Indians like you to help teach underprivileged children though the 'Teach India' campaign.
Teach India is an initiative by The Times of India to help provide an equal opportunity for education to underprivileged children. The aim of Teach India is to provide a platform to educated Indians to provide assistance in basic education to the unprivileged children.
Teach India will connect educated individuals with the specialist education providers The Times of India has tied up with select NGOs in the field of education in multiple cities across India.
Scores of underprivileged children have got dreams in their eyes and a smile on their lips, but not are lucky enough to laugh and learn. Infact, half the children in our country don't even get a chance to go to school, because their family cannot afford to send them or because there is no one to teach them.
But now, thanks to the Times of India Campaign 'Teach India', YOU can volunteer and help educate our future generation.
Shaheen Mistry, founder of Akanskha - an NGO feels, "Teach India is an incredibly important project because the biggest thing we need in our nation are great teachers... Having a concrete campaign that you can be a part of, knowing that you are not alone and that you do make a difference as one person; but thousands of people together can make a significant difference...I think that helps a lot of people to take a step."
So believes, Geeta Dharmarajan, executive director of Katha. She says, "We hope that this campaign will be successful and hope that not just thousand but may be two thousand people are able to come in with us and work with us...making their life a little more fun and little more pleasurable and more satisfactory."How can you volunteer?

To volunteer, log onto and fill in the form online Or SMS TEACH to 58888 for details.TOI will then connect the volunteer to an NGO. If selected, the volunteer will be given a basic orientation. The teaching sessions will begin shortly thereafter.How much time do you need to devote?Just two hours a week for three months.

What do you teach them?Depending on your skill, you can impart basic education or even take informal sessions like story-telling. All they needs is two hours of your time each week. So, be a part of the 'Teach India' Campaign to educate our future generation and the love they will give you back will stay with you forever!

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