Friday, October 10, 2008

Tribute to Saurav Ganguly - The prince of the cricketing world

Its always very easy to give up. all u've to say is 'I quit' and that's
all there is to it. the hard part is to carry on..

They say, there are few men every now and then after whom
the world will be changed forever
proud I am to see such a man in my lifetime
so virtuous and passion personified

To him winning is everything
The ever spirited fighter who lives his dreams
Rising often from the ruins with a never-say-die attitude
pushing his own limits, erasing his boundaries

the elegant strokes he played
And the powerful hooks he swayed
Throwing the bowlers tottering in tantrums
As a cold-blooded predator prying its Prey

so relentless are his display of courage, exuberance and style
A prodigy of valour whose contribution to the game will be ever lived
His aggression is synonyms with his name
whose eternal grandeur can never be quashed as his fame

The Bengal tiger snarls a little
while all those who faces him runs belittle
so powerfully he hits the balls
that dreadfully thumps into the foemen's walls.

An innate leader with a unique calibre
That made him the best ever a country can have
Who faces the victories in par with the loss
Even when all his works gone for a toss.

One cannot forget the blistering innings he played
Both with his contemporaries and critics
The all-round performances he displayed
That only goes to show his commitment to the game

But nothing was smooth for this storm rider
who has been the man of action both on and off the field
For a man who suffered the most due to politics and policies
He endured the most and still inspired a lot to who me meant something

Such a quality he possessed as a sportsman
whose willow speaks more than his words
Though his critics found it hard to swallow
He is the man the cricketing fraternity can never forget

For every fall he had, he bounced back and made his mark
The harder he hit, he hit back
If only the jokers had known they can't stop the shining sun with their bare hands
For it only grows with time..

He is simply a man out of time
whose integrity has been tested more than a time
have we honored him enough and gave him the respect he deserved ??
We cannot help but vacuously wondering why ??

will time heal the wounds he suffered
will the pain of the scars he bears ever abate
Only time will tell what remains to be seen
for we all know he is a fighter with a never ceasing attitude

An emotive final that he ever played
Awaits him amidst his protagonists and admirers
the greatest gladiator of our times
who resurrects himself every time out of nowhere

Its very unfortunate for him to call it quits and ever retire
a whole new conspiracy in its own attire
as the curtains draws for a final time in nagpur
Herez me wishing him. may a new life dawns on him altogether

the man of unquestionable integrity, commitment and passion
that had made him to the lords hall of fame
the ruthless display of him swaying his shirt
again only goes to show his aggression and passion for the game

He greatly inspires everyone with his flamboyance
and the remarkable display he exhibited as a scrapper
That makes everyone learn the lesson: No matter how harder you are hit,
The harder u push, the harder u can hit back

A true believer of hard work, determination and courage
he is the infinite pond amidst the mirages
The undisputed DADA of the cricketing world,
The epochal prince of the modern day cricket

one would only run out of adjectives
for he is a finesse display of class and courage
Whose prodigious life is an inspiration to everyone
Sourav Ganguly - I bow to thee...

- Chuppandi

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