Saturday, July 09, 2011

Battered and out...

Guess Im done with all my misery
And all the things that i did to me so smeary
Still standing but battered
The pain that keeps me all so cluttered

The miles I tread seems getting longer
As the wind and darkness seem to grow stronger
Undeterred I try still keep chasing on
Un-fluttered the darkness still keeps stalking on

Distant dreams seems just a mirage
Adding just one more year to my age
Last tasted success seems eons ago
Leaving me stranded with so many miles to go

The days are getting longer and loner
Smacking a reminder that im just another goner
Trembling legs tumbling tears i still try
To break the shackles from the cobwebs of my life

Years in a jiffy seem to roll me by
As life seem so still and im laying bye
Sometimes i wonder cursing me why
Withered and battered still i lie

can't believe I'm so broken inside.
for i've failed to keep my self aside
Nothing else here seem to matter anymore
Don't think I have it in me no more

Courage is what I once had so high
Ravaging with time as it feels the end game draws nigh
Dreaded yet I try keep walking on
The dire straits of my life hardly seem to move on

So many threats and fears, so many wasted years
Before my life can actually be won to be my own

And yep there were some rare moments of gold
With lot many stories gone untold
And yep there were flashes of light
filled with hope of may and might

We see just what we want to see
So you feel just what you want to be
Hoping that everything is coming back to me
I hope I'll just be what I was to be

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