Friday, March 30, 2012

The real face of Indian Sports Authority - An institutional Failiure

Pathetic.. I know no other words to say.. The sports authority of India is in absolute shambles... They seem to see nothing beyond cricket as sports. Its unfortunate that such a non-mainstream sports is favoured or rather worshiped than anything else..

Should sachin be awarded Bharat ratna...?? Damn it I say.. even he wouldn't agree to be awarded the highest honor at the cost of other sport for the modest person he is...
Inset Message: Shashikant Hotkar , winner of Mumbai Shree for the year 2011, making papad with his family in Dharavi Slum , Mumbai.

We give so much importance to cricket and cricket players as compared to other games.. though these players perform well they still need to struggle in the daily life for living!!!!! Though they r doing hard work for making records for Indian games they doesn't get any help frm government... emphasizing the real need to change this situation

Its not about Shashikant or whether he deserves whatever he does, the perennial question is what the Sports Authority of India is doing with the worlds second largest population. Had they provided the sufficient infra structure with proper maintenance the situation would be rather different.
Its the very reason that we still are languishing at the bottom of the table every olympics struggling so hard to clinch atleast a Bronze cheering the mediocre success and crediting that to the non-sense sports Authority and the IOC who did not even to care to move their ass out for anything other than abusing the institution while even every small african countries and with people not even equalling the population of the capitol. 
When are we going to realize this very fact and act. I guess whatever the changes should be proposed should start fundamentally. Thatz where we lack. We lack the very foundation. We lack the very infrastructure. We lack the very culture where sports is treated in par with the success of other professions. Can you imagine somebody saying I play kabbadi or I play Football in india when they were asked what you do for a living ?? We'd joke at them as losers. 
This is what we should change and the rest takes care by itself when we introduce the sports as a compulsory eductaion or rather give more emphasis by giving some more credits like we do for Arts, languages, Mathematics and science.
I dont really know if these things gonna happen during my lifetime or the respected politicians would spare some time from facing their never-ending list of cases of corruption, crime, treason and the likes. Not that i should be worried about it now for I have long lost the grip of playing tennis or cricket and just play Ping pong to cut loose stress out of the maniacal work only tuning me to be a moron every progressing day.

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