Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life is a Battle field....

Not that I belong there anymore... It seems mid-life crisis is fast catching up.. So much.. So early... Life is not a pleasant ride anymore.. not that I wanted it to be for I always preferred to ride the tide than to watch the calm picturesque sea in solitude... 

But, life seems fast fading away.. with everyday wrapping up to another brutal, grueling day of exhaustion, experience reminding me of my way cast away from all that i've dreamt in more than one dimensions... May be I dont have it in me anymore (not that I had it ever, may be its just me..)

Trying hard tumultuously to find ways of sobering up and having ended up again and again where it all started... hoping dismally the days of misery will shomehow wash away in a licketysplit like a dream fast fading.... only these words echo in my mind everytime i take an insipid breath dozzed off asthalin deep down my throat amid wild gasps and drawing hums suffocated out of eosinophilia..

Fear not restless mind,
For the days are longer
and the winds are stronger

Worry not for what did you not find
for the worst is far from over
and the dust will make you sober

Bother not for all that you've become
For The tide would only last till the seasons gone
the fads who flow would fall along

tis time for the tide to turn and swords be drawn
for the battle of the life is finally on
just take a deep breath of silence 
for its time you wield your willow for a HOME RUN !!!

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