Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another day at Hell (Office)

Another day at Hell (Office)

I am here, staring at the monitor savoring a machine vended Nescafe. I wouldn’t say I am too unhappy about it and all. After all, I am documenting these thoughts just after reading columns of Behram Contractor a.k.a Busy Bee in the site is a really good site I should say. It contains lots of articles by Mr. Contractor whom I like very much. I also like John Grisham. But it is because of a different reason.I like BC because of the satire he brings out in a very simple form that’s easy to understand. I admit, though I read a lot of books, I really don’t get the full grasp of some of the books I read. Often Behram Contractor(BC) is compared with P.G.Wodehouse(PG). But for me BC is better than PG. This might be because when I tried reading a P.G, but I wasn’t able to make out the humor twist in it. I wasn’t laughing because of the humor in the book but I was laughing at my own state of not understanding P.G. So I like B.C more than P.G. Further B.C views things from an Indian angle that makes his columns and ideas easy to identify with.

Of late, I have become addicted to coffee. I don’t know why. It may be because I was trying to emulate Patrick Lanigan of The Partner, who drinks lots of coffee. I am averaging 4 cups a day now. I don’t feel guilty about it. Maybe I’ll feel when I am 40. But that’s ok for me since I am enjoying the present moment. I can proudly say I am living life king size without any consciousness conflict (what a term!). And so goes my life with an extra indulgence thrown in always in whatever I like doing.

It’s not that I am really happy because I don’t have anything to do. In fact, I have a real problem now where I am stuck without any daylight near. But still I am happy because I have read somewhere ‘And this too shall pass’. And I have learnt to believe in Hope, and even in failures I attribute it to my suspicion in my belief in hope. Failure or Success, and this too shall pass sometime soon. And so, I will indulge in my happiness to an extra extent.

It’s rainy season here. I always dislike carrying anything unless it is of utmost importance. For instance, I hate to carry helmets to restaurants and theatres. So for this reason, I never like wearing a helmet when I go to these places. I am not an atheist, so I believe in God more than I believe in my helmet. This of course is not for all to follow, unless you want to meet God very badly. So even though I dislike wearing it, I wear it. God can wait. Similarly, I hate carrying raincoats even in rainy season, when it’s not raining. But yesterday my father pestered me so much to take the raincoat. When I wore it, it was too much stuffy. I felt bad. But when I started from office in the evening, I came to know how it is to feel grateful. Yes, there was a heavy downpour, peals of thunder, and flashes of lightning; and me under the safe cocoon of raincoat. I even experienced the sadistic joy of watching my friends completely wet. Even today I’ve brought the raincoat. It’s not raining. But I don’t feel the slightest remorse of bringing it. So, I have learnt, it’s always good to ensure things are safe and strive towards that aspect rather than praying to god while dying. So, I henceforth will not feel lethargic towards doing things that’ll make me safer, even though there is some level of discomfort involved in it.

So that’s it. It’s almost time to leave. I am now happily taking my raincoat and helmet.

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