Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Uppuma connection

The Uppuma connection

It was a hard day yesterday after our previous day triumph in making Dosa & Takkali Thokku, it seemed like out comeback trail had begun. An so we decided to test our culinary skills this time with a different South Indian dish "UPPUMA".

Uppuma is of different types and renders different taste which solely depends on the process. Some do with Samia and some with Rava...

We took the challenge of making the uppuma (Rava uppuma to be precise), a famous South Indian sweet dish and to our rescume came Vinoth the most famous (VV) from our flat, who seemed to know a lot more informative. Another dimension of him i've never seen, i thought.

All that is required to make this delicious dish is a Less than half KG of Rava, some ghee for frying not necessarily (we did without it), Onion, Chilli, Ingi, Karivepilai, Kadugu, Ulutham paruppu, and water. The quantity of water should be twice that of Rava and of course you need some patience and some people to share the dish with. Ah..I forgot one more important ingredient... the kesari color powder (well we did without this too). There's a lot of rumor going around that this causes cancer; You may neglect this though, if you want a white uppuma.

The color of course, is an individual preference. Environmentalists can go for green, Aussie supporters yellow, sailors blue and communists red. But the South Indian household seems to have a penchant for orange color and some do with Manjal powder itself hence, i didn't chose any color so that our Uppuma can be identified with.

Uppuma is a Common breakfast in south india where most of the office-goers normally prefer this due to its unique taste and especially when they dont have much time at hand and they should do something for the breakfast especially under dire straights. Rather than going out to buy other ingredients uppuma is preferred for its simplicity just can be done with what is available (CUstomized Versions)

And now coming back to our Uppuma preparation. All you need to do to get it done is to fry the rava in a tava with some ghee (if u have) till the rava becomes golden brown and keep it aside. Now in the same way fry the onion and the other ingredients that u've chopped before. Be careful this time, the time in which the onion change their color from golden brown to black is not very long.

Now add bring the water to a boil and add the fried rava in it, cook it till the rava comes to a thick consistency, now add some salt and the rava will loosen up. Keep cooking for 10 minutes. Add some cashew nuts or some vegetables if u have and mix it well. Turn the gas off and taste it. I assure you, you'll love the taste. You can go in for a slight variant of this - the Lemon uppuma, Sweet Uppuma and it goes on subject to the available material. The only additional work to do is to toss some of ur diced variant to it.

There is a complement to kesari by the name Uppuma, which can also be made using the rava. This is a common dish off the blues during the odd occasions viz Festivals, Occasions and auspicious Bride-Groom selection ceremony in South India. But more about this, later.

Well, im looking forward to our R&D efforts and wishing it will no longer go in vain. Rather would yield some good dishes and great time cooking together. Will be back with more sucess storeis :)

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