Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Aru U contended with what you've got ???

Being contended with what we got:

I know a couple who had baby last week, after a decade of turmoil. After the initial appreciation and thanks giving to God, and feeling proud of themselves, they moved into the next stage – analysis;

The baby was a bit dark compared to its wheat-ish parents. “I wish the baby was as fair as either of you”, commented the maternal grandmother. “He does have a stub nose like me, which I didn’t want”, said the father. The material world and the feeling of relentlessly searching for something better took over.

They did easily forget the 10 years of turmoil, wherein their only prayer was, “We just need a baby, bless us God”, and that how lucky they were to have their prayers answered. Mind wanders like a mad monkey, it instantly forgets the past sufferings… instead of enjoying the gift of progeny, the couple looked for perfection, thus inflicting further sufferings onto themselves. They failed to realize people below them: an aged couple dying without children; spinsters over 50, who wanted to marry, but couldn’t, and many more similar grim stories.

For living a contented life, it is best to compare ourselves with people below us. They don’t die, if they don’t drive a Benz, or have a 20K mobile, neither will we. And for achieving we should compare ourselves with people above us. If Dr. APJ can work 18 hours a day and be a rolemodel to millions, we can make a difference to at least 10. We can!

Our lifestyle warrants that we crave and strive for more materialistic possession. A middle class family strives to buy a car, while a maid working in their house strives to buy a TV. A highly paid employee wants to buy a bungalow, and the rich boss wants everything of the best brand.
Money can buy all the comfort we desire, but then it takes our desire itself to next level. And the more we feed our desire, the more it grows, only to swallow our peaceful life. There can be no ceiling to our desires, unless we are contended.

Look around; you can comprehend what I write, and are reading this from your own computer in the comfort of your cubicle or room. Aren’t you a lot more lucky than people who cannot read/write, are mute, or don’t know what a computer is. And after reading this, you might be a little tired, (even though the AC comforts you, unlike people who are dying of sun-stoke after working relentlessly for a half meal,) you always have the vending machines at your disposal, or the phone to order your hot yummy food.

What more do you need except contentment?

A typical Mastercard ad to compliment:
Buying a Santro car for the middle class family stated above: Rs. 4 lakhs.Buying a Porsche for the millionaire stated above: Rs. 1 crore.Being contented with what God has given us: PRICELESS.

- The End.

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