Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Closing in on my goal - Am i Pregnant ???

Sometimes i wonder, what have we accomplished in life to be proud of ???
Now, after seeing the weighing machine in a nearby hotel going crazy, about two rounds to show me im close to 100kg, i realized my goal isn't too far to achieve.. just 6 more and im done !!!

I'll sway my hands like lara exulting after his 400*..... finally im going to achieve something to be proud of.... To those who think im just another crazy little (Big though) fellow wasting time, yeah u r right and what else a man of my calibre can achieve anything in life to be proud of !!

Some say getting married and giving birth to a child as a proof of ur existance in itself is an achievement. I being decided to be bachelor for my lifetime(most of my inmates nuggle at me when i say this) , consider this as an achivement. Ofcourse only god knows how am i going to trim my tummy.. which i believe never going to happen due to my errant lifestyle these days..

How much have i changed?? well, if u were my class mate or a collegemate, u'd definitely mistake for a pregnant man :) !!! atleast thatz what my friends say abt me... Seriously nothing in my food habits have changed, neither did i.. But im seriously considering taking a scan for i doubt if due to some ET like or external powers, something is growing in me !!!
Am i Pregnant ???

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