Friday, May 04, 2007

Musings !! Im who im not !!!

To run from yourself, you need a lot of space; for the self has a strange knack of catching up with itself.

And so half way through our lives, we're panting, gasping for breath not knowing what we're running to or away from, thinking we're moving ahead when all we're doing is moving in circles after ourselves, behind ourselves.

I read this quote somewhere in blogsphere a few days ago and couldn't help but wonder at how the writer had so beautifully hit on the truth. Of how so many of the human kind are so ill at ease with themselves, not knowing what to do with the way they think and act and behave.

So they, and I, we put up a facade trying to be someone we are not, trying to fit in where we don't, even look the way we don't. Sometimes we break free from the shackles of stereotypes voluntarily and sometimes our facade gives way, exposing who we truly are - to ourselves and the world. Sometimes, we put up a front of fighting the stereotypes when we privately play along with them, believing in them. The bottom line is we're trying to be people we want to be and what we want to be isn't always what we are born to be.

How uncomfortable then you can get in your own skin as you struggle to make it fit this false you. And it keeps slipping away. Somehow, the happiest people are those who are fine being who they are and don't have to say 'Let Me Be Me' 'cause they are being them!PS: If this sounds like me philosophising, well, may be I am!

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revathi said...

This is really intrestinig one.. Im following ur blog for quite some time... Great work keep going...