Friday, March 21, 2008

A News article that disturbed me !!!

Few days ago in Economic Times News paper I read an article about AP govt annoucning a scheme for christians to go to Israel on Pilgrimage. This is to be modelled on the lines of Haj Pilgrimage to Mecca. Here I dont even want to go into whether every Christian in the country wants to go to Israel or not.
It is not per se the act that is causing me this anguish, but what the government is doing for one of the religions in the country. There are several religions in the country and if for each of them, the government is going to do a similar act like this, the only thing that will happen as soon as the new government is formed is to work on the strategy for conducting such tours to Kasi, Golden Temple, Budh Gaya, etc.

What is happening in our country? Is this the right way to do the governing? Instead of concentrating on the upliftment of the society, why are we going into their religious practices? Is this what is meant by Secular state of India. For me, my religion stops just outside the door of my house, beyond which I am just an Indian. Why cant the Governemnt do the same way.
Please, let the government see the future consequences of this kind of act and scrap this before it becomes an act of the State Government.

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