Friday, March 21, 2008

Deafening !!!

Deafening silence
send chills through my pale skin
the seasoned hands with which i write
tremble and shake as i write
are stilled when you walk in

wishing i could tell you
why i stain your shirt with my mascara'd tears
i have been torn by the deep blue night
consumed by the quiet of the deep blue night
nightmares of the broken mirrors

when the world is dark
my eyes are wide open and i can't hear
raging fear and frustration as blood drips from my ears
surreal pain envelopes me as blood drips from my ears
crimson trails of realized fears

in secret dreams
where the glass is shattered in my mind
is where i come from when i crumble like aged stone in your hands
is where i come from as i cry, as i bleed, as i beg
in your hands

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