Friday, March 21, 2008

Summer In Disguise

As a child...
Remembering those warm summer days,
Waking up to a fresh scent in the air,
With sunlight shining on your face,
Knowing of the big day ahead of you,
Yet an even bigger life.
The refreshingness of the water lapping up against your skin,
With friends in your nearby pool,
The pool, with waters calm,
The direct opposite of life to come,
Life being one huge wave of emotions,
Which can crash down on you when least expected.
Playing games of trades, your annual trip to the beach,
Making summertime carefree and fun,
When you were little...carefree, joyful,
Sitting there...your feet buried within the scorching sand,
Mixing the sugar with your chilled tea,
Watching it disintegrate.
Which brings you back to life, the real world,
Where nothing's as it seems to be anymore.
You, your life, your focus...disintegrating,
Disappearing before your weary eyes.
Theres nothing you can do.
You're in too deep.
Sit back,
Watch your life crumble into nothing.

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