Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Desparation !!!

Desparation. I wonder how many times in life have you been truly desparate? Begged and pleaded for something? It is interesting to me that human beings do this. We beg, plead, whine, grovel, everything in our power to achieve our desire. Only to want more. I remember many times as a child campaining to the point of my mother's relention to get something I wanted. It drove her nuts. Even to adult hood I do this. Why do we torture ourselves like this? If one is not careful enough, one could lose one's sanity becuase he or she did not achieve the desired goal, or if they did they betrayed, compromised, stabbed too many people they went crazy in their attempt to achieve their goal. Why does mankind stoop to this level? Why is it so hard to let go of so many things?


Clueless Romeo said...

bcoz its totally natural for humans to wish for everything.. it is the universal law..

Chuppandi said...

well im not talking about wishing something... about desperation.. Wanting somethingn utterly... i dont think its quite natural for ppl.. except for some.

At times people (some) want things so desperately that they couldn't make their life without it.. some instances to quote like
wanting a lover for an adult,
Wanting a doll for a child,
wanting their son to get married (to the girl they say) for elderly

it depends obviously and the gradient of it varies from time with different ppl.

Like the popular incense stick ad(in tamil) says,
"prarthanai seyya yellorukkum oru kaaranam undu" which in english means everyone has a reason to pray..

everyone has their own longings and desperation in attaining or wanting something..

i ask why should we long for something everytime.. cant we live in peace accepting things what we have and what they are.. expectations hurts.

Also on the contray i agree to what u say.. its quite natural for ppl and its what propels them and sets them a goal to dream of to long for..

I cant really understand these two extreme, contradictory feelings.. cant relate them really.. do i lack sanity... ???

BTW: i've been checking ur blog for quite sometime da.. why dont u update urs for godsake after ur battle with chickunguniya and the prayers in the other....