Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Driving for Pregnant Women Becomes Safer

Becoming a first time mother is full of new experiences and worries, starting from the moment you discover you’ve conceived. Everyday activities such as driving can become worrisome, especially when you find that everything from your favorite jeans to your seatbelt no longer fit the way they used to!

The Tummy Shield is an Australian-based product designed to protect your little one in utero whenever you are driving. With a combination as simple as a cushion and safety strap, expectant moms are able to guard their most precious cargo without a lot of hassle.

It was created by an Australian inventor over many years of testing and hard work. He became commited to creating a safer seat belt after his 7 month pregnant wife was involved in a minor car accident that he believed caused brain damage to their first child.

To use, simply place the Tummy Shield cushion and fasten with buckle. You may need to use an extension piece if you are bigger or further along in your pregnancy. Put on your seat belt as you normally would, and then pull it away so you can fasten it securely to the provided hook.

With your seatbelt now safely away from the tummy area, you have just successfully beaten the odds of fetal death that often occur in even moderate automobile accidents.

You can watch a video of the product here or below.

You can purchase the Tummy Shield through their official website , or by visiting other fine online retailers.

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