Wednesday, May 07, 2008

ZensTech ZTc-10 Wristwatch Cell Phone

Cellular phones and mobile internet devices of all kinds have been released over the past few years. As time has progressed, more features and gadgets have been packed into these devices. Paradoxically, they've gotten smaller, not larger. The ZTc-10 Watch Phone by ZensTech is a perfect example of this paradigm. The tiny cellular device fits around your wrist for the ultimate in convenience.

The ZTc-10 is a GSM-based, unlocked cell phone. The device packs a 1.3" TFT LCD capable of 260,000 pixels and 128x160 resolution. The watch phone is capable of displaying JPG and GIF image types and even packs a 1.3 mega pixel camera under its tiny hood. Play your MP3s or watch MP4 full-screen format videos. Play games and store all your information on a MicroSD card up to 1GB in size.

With a call time of approximately three hours and standby time clocking in around 120 hours, the ZTc-10 is competitive in the battery life arena with many other popular handset models. With bluetooth technology, handsfree capability, USB connectivity, and voice recognition, the ZTc-10 is an intriguing option for replacing your main handset. Those who are averse to a bluetooth ear piece may find that having their phone around their wrist is just the alternative they were looking for. (Buy here.)

Via ZensTech

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