Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Handsfree Bluetooth Flying Saucer Device

Bluetooth headsets and other devices allowing handsfree operation of your cellular device are rising in popularity, and usefulness. Why conform to the masses with their over-the-ear ear pieces? Why not stand out and communicate in style via bluetooth technology? If you're the type who would love to make a statement, then the Flying Saucer Car Bluetooth Handsfree may be for you.

The flying saucer-like device operates on the Bluetooth 1.2 spec meaning you'll get an approximate range of 30 feet. The device includes support for voice recognition dialing included on most modern cell phones, call received technology, and echo and noise suppression to help improve call quality while on the road. Despite the fact that talk and standby times are very important for such devices, the company's website does not get into specifics for each, instead, choosing to simply state: "...long talk and standby time." Fantastic! I'm sold, aren't you?

The device has a standard lithium ion battery and comes with a 12/24 volt car charger. Also included in the package is a user manual and a car mounting bracket. The device starts at $55 each for purchases of one to five units. Further "incentive" exists to buy more, however, as the price drops by one whole dollar for bigger purchases.

Via Gadget Venue

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