Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Humorous Stop Signs are A "No Go"

Stop signs are a part of everyday life. You can't go more than a few blocks in any direction without seeing a handful. So it's no surprise that sometimes we begin to ignore them. Which is why residents of Oak Lawn, Illinois had no issue when some additional "stopping power" was put into place.

Such a thing came in the form of an additional sign under the stop sign that quoted some easily recognizable phrases associated with "Stop!". Some examples can be seen here:

Who can forget the 1965 single by the Supremes?Who can forget the 1965 single by the Supremes?John Wayne's Famous QuoteJohn Wayne's Famous Quote

A few others not pictured above include, "and smell the roses," "collaborate and listen," "means your not moving" and "Hammer Time!!"

Most of the town, including the Mayor, found them to be amusing and saw no issue in allowing them to stay. Sadly, the Illinios Department of Transportation didn't not share the same opinion. They claimed it was in violation of the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and needed to be removed ASAP. Since federal funding for projects could be paused, the town decided it was best to remove the $1,700 worth of amusement. Tragic.

Via : Associate Press

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