Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scientists Create Apple That Doesn’t Brown

Sometimes you may just want a few bites of an apple, but you feel compelled to stuff down the whole thing since otherwise you'd just have to throw it away.

Picture of an ordinary apple.Picture of an ordinary apple. Now, researchers have created an apple that can be saved without turning brown, which usually occurs due to oxidation reactions. The new apple supposedly takes on a pale pinkish color for several hours after being exposed to air, but doesn't turn brown until much later than normal.

Researchers from Australia bred the apple naturally from a combination of Golden Delicious and Lady Williams varieties.

The researchers plan to sell the apple under the name Enchanted. Since the apple is produced without genetic modification, it will likely be sold throughout the world. Kim Chance, Western Australia's state agriculture minister, suggested that the apple would be popular for lunch boxes and on serving platters.

via: PhysOrg.com

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