Friday, August 01, 2008

Birthday Wishes - Learning & Experiencing - I

Sorry to those who wished me this year....

Some people like to be wished on the Birthdays and Wedding days. They like to be King/Queen for a day. Feel special. When people are growing-up they realize that such expectation usually leads to angst. Unless one is an actor who celebrates 5 birthdays/year or a politician, one doesn't get wished by tons of people. So they either stop expecting wishes or try and solve the problem.
The people who try and solve the problem, solve it by going on a wishing spree. They wish all their friends, relatives, and host of unknown people on wedding/birth day kind of occasions. These are the people who diligently collect wedding/birth day information from all arbit people they meet and wish them promptly. They are best at remembering occasions of "other people". This category of people get disappointed and hurt the most when all of the population they so diligently wish every year, don't ever wish back.
What they don't realize is that - in reality - when they call and wish this arbit person, the arbit person does not feel grateful and does not immediately make it a point to do the return-wish next year onwards. The arbitrary person, who is still young and unaware of the ways of life, usually gets filled up with disproportionate sense of self-importance. Arbit person feels that he is being wished because he is important and special and that his birthday wisher is not important and not special. As a result, the Arbit person does not see a need in doing the return-wish routine for some one lower in the hierarchy. That is until Arbit person suddenly realizes that his wishing population has dramatically dwindled. The arbit person then dons the role of the manical wisher and wishes tons of people to try and regain his wishing population until he feels disproportionately self-important again. And the cycle continues.

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