Thursday, May 24, 2007

Whispers of the Call !!!

Whispers of the Call

The Call
Carry the ways of the wise on your shoulders;
bear the burdens of your ancestors and
Deliver the exiles to their homes.

Create a new nation of wanderers
whose spark of the divine will light the path to eternity

Suppress the seeds of discord in your heart and
kill the desire of lust in your loins
for those things which are taboo

Instill the waves of harmony and love within you. Cultivate the flow of truthful face so that shadows of lies do not befall your countenance.

Go to the mountain. Do not let the mountain come to you.
Sit in its verdant valley of greens and yellows;
let the sparkling spring of summer soothe you.
Learn from its inhabitants then go out and share the wisdom.

Keep the secrets of the divine in your heart
until the world is ready to receive them.
Only then, can you come home.

For when you can,
for the days are long and weary.
In the ineffable name.
So mote it be.

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